Pridemore Properties Signs On as Corporate Sponsor of Claire’s Army

In a recent meeting to discuss Claire’s Army and its need for support, Scott Pridemore, President and Broker in Charge of Pridemore Properties of Charlotte, said to Emily and Kevin Ratliff , “Guys, I’m in.  Just tell me how I can sign up.” What is startling about this statement is that it came halfway through… Read more »

The Army Marches On

The Army will never stop. Hello Army.  We are so honored today to have the privilege of announcing the next story in the Claire’s Army journey. In January of this year, Emily and I decided this would be our year of healing.  While the sting of loss still resonates daily and deeply, we also know… Read more »

Happy Birthday Little One!

Claire, It was a Sunday afternoon 2009 a muggy cloudless August day. Church bells from the Baptist Church across the street rang loud in our window as we welcomed you. I was so excited and terrified all at the same time. I could hardly believe I was really your Daddy. You were perfect in my… Read more »